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The AUX-plant is the first of ICEbricks power plants, and it is built on the same concept as the Engine-400 – i.e. using the multilayer PCB as both heat sink, but here also as inductor winding. It is very versatile in that the VA+/- outputs can be referenced to whatever supply rail you wish (usually GND in a single ended amplifier and or VS- in a single supply full bridge). VA+ can deliver more than 1 A and if paralleled with VDR, up to 1.5 A at +15 V. The output voltages can also be trimmed with an external resistor in the range between 10-15V. The control loop on the AUX-plant has been built discretely with a matched differential pair in order to maintain a low noise behavior (approximately 30 uVrms) even at low powers down to below 1 W. There is also no integrator in the loop which means it starts nicely without overshoots. The outputs can handle a large span of capacitance so you are free to experiment. The AUX-plant can provide enough auxillary power to drive up to 16 Engine 400 amplifier modules.

Key Performance Parameters

Output Power 20 W (cont.)
30 W (peak)
Maximum amplifier efficiency
Maximum total amp+psu efficiency >80 %
Supply voltage input 30-100 VDC
Peak output current 1.5 A (Va+)
0.5 A (Vdrv)
Output referenced idle noise (A-weighted) 35 µV