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The Motherboard-1 is a reference design which allows customers to easily evaluate and design with the ICEbricks. Motherboard-1 houses two Engine-400, one AUX-plant, storage capacitors, supervision, balanced input buffers and connectors to connect it to a +/- DC-source. It is the fastest and most convenient way of testing the performance of a system built on ICEbricks products. The schematic, BOM and layout files of Motherboard-1 is available for download from our extranet. This provides a convenient and well tested starting point for creating designs based on the Engine-400 and Aux-plant.

Key Performance Parameters

Output Power

2 x 400 Wrms (4Ω)

Minimum load impedance
Maximum amplifier efficiency
Maximum total amp+psu efficiency
Supply voltage input

+/-35V to +/-60V

Dynamic range 120 dB
Amplifier maximum output voltage per channel 56.57 V
Output referenced idle noise (A-weighted) 50 µV
THD+N 1W/1kHz 0.002 %