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The 400SM is a universal mains switch mode power supply with both +5V standby, +/- 5V and +/- 12V auxiliary power supplies, wake-on signal sense, 12 V trigger input and status LED indicators. It consumes less than 0.2 W in standby and is capable of supplying up to 0.3 W to power your fronted during standby, easily complying with EuP 2013 standards. The advanced protection system has a total of 9 independent protection circuits monitoring temperatures, currents and voltages.

Key Performance Parameters

Output Power 400 W
Maximum total psu efficiency
Supply voltage input 85-264 VAC
Peak output current
12V +/- AUX supply peak current 700 mA
5V +/- AUX supply peak current 500 mA
5V Standby AUX supply peak current (on mode / standby mode) 1 A / 200 mA