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The 1000S is a compact, efficient yet powerful 1000w power supply created by ICEpower to pair with our incredible performing 300A2 modules for applications in Hi-Fi, commercial amps, whole home audio and active speakers. Based on the resonant LLC converter of our tried and tested 700AS1 module, the 1000S is tailor made to provide the power needed to enable the best sounding systems with our newest and best amplification technology. 

Key Performance Parameters

  • Universal Mains
  • 1000Watt Output power
  • ±69VDC power rails
  • 20W auxiliary Converter, ±5VDC, Vdrive and ±12VDC auxiliary supply outputs
  • 5W standby converter, +5VDC supply output. Up to 60mA in standby mode and 1A in on mode