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Based on years of ICEpower’s advanced research and experience in Switch Mode Power Supply. The 1500S is a 1500 W RMS power supply. Available in three different versions with rail voltages of either ±47 V, ±57 V or ±69V. It features a split rail universal mains PFC based main power supply and a 60W auxillary power converter. The 1500S is designed to be used with a single or multiple 300A2 or 400A2 amplifiers or even a design of your own to serve a variety of applications.


  • Multi-channel amplifiers for home and commercial installations
  • High powered amplifiers for professional audio and constant voltage systems
  • Active 2 and 3-way speakers for professional audio
  • Consumer and Pro Subwoofers

Key Performance Parameters

Output Power
1500 W
Peak Power Output             
2400 W
Maximum Efficiency
Supply Voltage Input           
85-264 VAC
Digital auxiliary supply voltage                   
+9 V
Digital auxiliary supply current                   
Auxiliary supply output voltages
+/- 7V
Auxiliary supply output currents
1250 mA / 900 mA