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Ok, we admit it! We are a little nerdy, but we are proud of it. At ICEpower, we believe that to create inspiring solutions, people need inspiring surroundings – and we want people visiting us to feel that audio and entertainment are not only a profession. It’s a passion!

So recently, we implemented what we refer to as ICEpower@Manhattan. This is the company and office layout in which we have chosen to organize ourselves.

Our 2500 m2 office space, departments, and competencies match the layout of Manhattan almost 1:1 – so to speak.

More than just an office!

Office space is important, as a company we need to work in inspiring surroundings and our customers should experience what kind of company we are. So, recently we implemented what we refer to as ICEpower@Manhattan. This is a company and office layout in which we have chosen to organize ourselves – our departments and competencies matching the layout of Manhattan almost 1:1 – so to speak. We have laid out our app. 2500 m2 offices according to the layout of Manhattan. 


This means we have an Up-town, a Mid-town, and a Downtown. While our offices in Up-town and Mid-town are centered around the administrative functions of ICEpower including sales, marketing, finance, operations, and several meeting facilities including our Live Stage, Music Library, Discotheque, listening room and kitchen facilities, the further we move down-town the more we more into the heart of what it is all about – the audio creation processes involving our app. 75 engineers.


This means that all employees go to work and have their offices, facilities, and functions in such areas as Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, TriBeCa, and Meatpacking District just to name a few. Our listening facilities are of-course placed at Sugarhill.

Our meeting room 285 Lafayette Street in Soho is a celebration of the time and works of Mr David Bowie. So, anybody who wants to make big impact and big CHANGES are meeting at 285 Lafayette Street Meeting room – please enter the 70ties and take time to scroll through some of Davids 100 favorite books or admire the newspaper front-pages from all over the world paying tribute to David Bowie in January 2016 – during the days following his passing away. Maybe not quite the 500 m2 that Mr. David Bowie acquired together with wife Iman in 1999 at only 4 MUSD – but a meeting room on its own terms. Outside the door you will find some of the great graphic art, loved by David Bowie, by the famous Japanese artist Tadanori Yokoo.


Little Tokyo is also represented in its own fashion by a tribute to the famous writer, music lover, collector, and jazz-enthusiast Mr. Haruki Murakami. At ICEpower, we are celebrating Murakami by re-inventing his famous jazz-café, Peter Cat from the early 70ties in Tokyo. Please step inside this tiny cigar-box, enjoy some of his favorite vinyls on the record player or look what is inside the humidor.

At the upper west or east side you might run into the nice and eloquent finance, sales, and operations people of ICEpower all in nice ‘upper west uniforms’. While you might miss Sarabeth’s, you’ll find a place for a distinguished cup of coffee at the ICEpower Kitchen.


The Bowery is one of the great highways of humanity, a highway of seething life, of varied interest, of fun, of work, of sordid and tragedy; and it is haunted by demons as evil as any that stalk through the pages of the “Inferno.” Theodore Roosevelt, “Dante and the Bowery,” 1913.


The ICEpower Lab is naturally placed at the same location as the Bowery is at Manhattan – Lower / Mid-Manhattan. Why is the ICEpower LAB equal to The Bowery? If anything, The Bowery is the LABORATORY of musical innovation. The Bowery includes the former site of the famous CBGB – the legendary place of rock and punkrock. Yes, The Ramones, Patti Smith, Talking Heads, Television, Richard Hell, Blondie, The Police, Dead Boys, Joan Jett, Lou Reed, AC/DC, the B-52s, Alan Jackson, Green Day, Guns ‘n Roses and Pearl Jam – they all went into the LAB to play. So do we at ICEpower. The Bowery is the LAB. That is where we work to create.

Art is leading the way

As a part of the ICEpower @Manhattan project we hooked up with the Danish artist Sarah Lagersted, She painted the below picture for us along some other nice pieces that hangs around the office space.
The picture shows the layout of Manhattan and thus the layout of our office space, meeting rooms etc.