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Eclipse’s new line of amplifiers was presented at the CES in January 2008.
Three of the four new amps are ICE-powered: ICEpower has developed the customized sound solutions based on ICEcar1 platform.

ZA1200: 1200W, high-power 1-channel monoblock Class D subwoofer amplifier (the most powerful ICEpower-based automotive amplifier today);
XA4200: 250W x 4, 4/3/2 channel Class D amplifiers with channelflex crossover and a subsonic filter;
XA1200: 500W, 1-channel monoblock Class D subwoofer amplifier.

Many high-end automotive audio manufacturers have now realized the advantages of ICEpower® technologies, and ICEpower solutions are now being used by the increasing number of the aftermarket car audio manufacturers, as well as by the direct audio suppliers to automotive manufacturers.Eclipse Power Amplifiers. Eclipse’s new amplifiers are designed for a striking appearance when the installation is in plain sight, with attractive, gently curving enclosures and chrome side plates. These can be detached if the amplifier is installed out of sight.
The ZA1200 is a high power monoblock unit optimized for driving low frequency speakers with a 1200W output. It can be used as a single unit or in multiples as desired to power subwoofers in high-end systems. The XA4200 amplifier can be configured as a 4/3/2-channel amplifier with output power increasing as channels are configured from 4 to 3 to 2. XA4200 is equipped with built-in crossover settings and with high/low pass filters to facilitate various configurations. This amplifier can also be used singly or in multiples for complex systems. Completing the new line, is another monoblock amplifier for driving subwoofers, XA1200, with a more moderate output of 500W.

About Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten
Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten is a manufacturer of mobile audio components for OEMs and aftermarket applications for OEMs. Eclipse, the aftermarket brand of Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten, is a full line of award-winning high-performance mobile audio products including CD players, cassette decks, amplifiers and speakers. Eclipse products are distributed exclusively through the specialty retail channel of distribution. Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten is based in Torrance, Calif.