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Three new B&W active subwoofers, the ASW608, ASW610, and ASW610XP, are soon to be released to the market. All of them feature ICEpower amplifier modules, which enable supreme power density and efficiency and complement B&W design in achieving the finest sound performance. This is not the first time that B&W, a highly regarded authority in the industry, has selected an ICEpower amplifier module for its product. The collaboration between ICEpower and B&W started in 2004, when B&W chose the ICEpower500A module to be installed into its PV1 subwoofer. Following the growing market demand for home theatre audio systems, B&W has been pursuing development of powerful, yet compact loudspeakers and subwoofers. Class D switching amplifiers, with sound performance significantly improved by ICEpower ® proprietary technologies, came to offer a successful solution to the size vs. power dilemma. The patented COM and MECC technologies, a true technological advantage of ICEpower products, effectively control the subwoofer membrane movements resulting in the very punchy and accurate bass. ICEpower and B&W engineers worked closely together to perfect the sound performance of the subwoofer models.The new B&W subwoofers support universal power supply mains of 100 240V and automatically adjust to the local power supply standard in each country. This feature enables B&W to respond easily and rapidly to changes in specific market demands, as the same product is used worldwide.

Kristian Ougaard, the Director of Product Development at Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, comments: “I admire the level of technical expertise of Bowers & Wilkins in loudspeaker development and the sound quality of their products. They are in the worlds very top ranks in high-end loudspeakers with the supreme sound quality and beautiful design. This expertise of B&W and ICEpowers technological know-how in audio power conversion effectively complement each other”.

About Bowers & Wilkins
Founded in Worthing in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins manufactures an award-winning range of loudspeakers. The company is world-renowned for its audio innovations, pioneering the use of Kevlar and diamond in its quest to design the perfect loudspeaker. Bowers & Wilkins™ patented Nautilus technology, which now features throughout the product portfolio, won the company a coveted Queen Award for Innovation in 2005. The company’s loudspeaker systems serve as the audio reference in leading recording studios worldwide, including London’s Abbey Road. Its Steyning Research Establishment often described as The University of Sound is widely recognized as being at the forefront of acoustic innovation. The company is part of B&W Group Ltd which also owns Class based in Montreal, Canada (offering a complementary line of high-performance components including amplifiers, surround processors and AV components). Further information on Bowers & Wilkins and their products are available at: