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We will be showcasing our two latest product series of switching audio power conversion solutions:
ASX2 Series of integrated audio power conversion solutions. The Series is now complete with the 2nd module – the 125ASX2, which we will be demonstrating. The ASH7 Series of multi-channel audio power conversion solutions. At the CES, a number of our customers will be presenting their new products with ICEpower inside:

Pioneer Electronics: the new flagship A/V receiver with a customized 10-channel x 140W ICEpower solution. Elite SC-09TX is a sophisticated powerhouse that sets the benchmark for high performance 1080p home theater with faultless reproduction of the latest high-definition audio and video formats.
Bang & Olufsen: Serenata Mobile. It is an amazing combination of a music player and a mobile phone. Bang & Olufsens ingenious acoustics, represented by two high-quality speakers, controlled by advanced digital signal processing, and driven by an ICEpower MobileSound solution, deliver precise reproduction and a surprisingly powerful sound to emanate from such a small space.

Audiovox Electronics Corp.: the new AR Acoustic Research FPS10 powered subwoofer, driven by the new ICEpower50ASX2 BTL module.
Eclipse F-Ten: the new automotive aftermarket subwoofer amplifiers XA1200 and ZA1200.
Both models can deliver the astonishing 1200W from an extremely compact enclosure. They are the most powerful ICEpower amplifiers in the automotive audio. Eclipse is also introducing the new XA4200, an audiophile four channel automotive after-market amplifier.
SE2Labs: has been awarded the CES 2008 Best of Innovations Award with the ITC One, a Revolutionary All-in-One Home Entertainment System, powered by seven ICEpower200ASC and ICEpower200AC channels.