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ICEpower at the Prolight & Sound show

Mar 22, 2018 Newsletter archive

One of the greatest trade shows is just around the corner, and we at ICEpower are proud to announce our arrival.

The Prolight & Sound show will go down from 10th to 13th of April in Frankfurt, Germany. We look forward to see you, and introduce you to a comprehensive line of Class D amplifiers tailored for applications for both the professional and the MI markets, and with power ranges higher than ever before.

If you’re interested in a product presentation and/or talk about how ICEpower can help your business, please contact one of our sales managers to book a meeting.

It’s a beast
At the Prolight & Sound show, you will get the chance to see the most powerful amplifier module to date in ICEpower’s AS Series. Besides extreme audio performance and power, the 1200AS module combines a single stage PFC converter with our revolutionary 1x or 2x 1200 W ICEedge based class D amplifier. Among other things, it features monitor outputs for amplifier temperature, voltage, and current output.

The 1200AS1 and 1200AS2 amplifier modules are perfect for professional dual subwoofers, 2-way and 3-way speakers as well as high-end consumer active speakers or high-end stereo amplifiers. In short, the 1200AS amplifier modules are rock-solid sound solutions.

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