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Rotel is internationally renowned for its high quality and performance, yet affordable components for home theatre and high fidelity applications. The collaboration between ICEpower and Rotel began in 2004 when ICEpower approached Rotel with its proprietary know-how and products in audio power conversion. Engineers of the two companies then worked closely together for one and a half years to develop a series of Class D amplifiers, which came out to be breakthroughs in terms of compact size, light weight, efficient energy use and low heat production: 1 x 500 W mono amplifier, 2 x 500 W stereo amplifier, 7 x 100 W seven-channel amplifier. The amplifier series has received highly favourable media reviews. Aside from honouring the clear and powerful sound reproduction for both Hi-Fi audio and home theatre applications, the press has unanimously praised the amplifiers miniature size and weight, compared to those of conventional Class AB amplifiers. These have historically been bulky and heavy, and people tended to hide them from the open view in order to preserve a living space design. Rotels amplifiers are only about 44 x 9 x 42 cm (W x H x D) in size, weigh below 10 kg, produce significantly less heat and consume much less power than conventional amplifiers, which is critical today. ICEpower technological know-how has been key in enabling Rotel to achieve these size, weight and efficiency parameters. Use of the proprietary ICEpower technologies, Controlled Oscillation Modulation (COM) and Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control (MECC), enables intelligent power processing in the amplifiers to ensure stable, undistorted and athletic power supply and output even under complex speaker loads and power supply variations.

The ICEpower technologies significantly improve performance of Class D amplifiers by removing distortion normally created by switching amplifiers. Below are extracts from reviews by the specialized international press: Paul Miller of Hi-Fi News (UK) on Rotel RMB-1077: Custom install professionals are crying out for amps like this there is simply no other multichannel power amplifier available that is this compact, elegant in appearance and cool-headed in operation. PWM [Pulse Width Modulation] amplifiers have rarely, if ever, achieved the audiophile sound quality demanded by committed home cinema enthusiasts. Until now, and the sensitive implementation of B&O ICEpower technology by Rotels golden eare engineers. The RMB-1077 is not only a long-awaited milestone in the evolution of Class D amplifiers, but its also a pocket-sized power station for the grandest of home theatres. (December 2005, Keeping Cool).

Jim Bray of Magazine on Rotel RMB-1077: I had to laugh when I first unpacked the RMB-1077. I mean, how can you take seriously an amp this size that calls itself audiophile and commands a price of $2500 U.S.? If it hadn’t had the familiar Rotel name on it… have had trouble taking it seriously. And it should be taken seriously: the 100 watts per channel this little critter cranks out do an amazing job of filling the listening room with excellent, clean and transparent sound. The sound is open and spacious, making the speakers disappear from the listening area and putting you right into the experience just as a good amp should. (24 Feb. 2006, Rotel’s Digital Amplifier Trims the Fat, not the Sound ). Thomas J. Norton of Ultimate on Rotel RMB-1077: While I don’t expect Class D amplifiers to displace conventional solid-state amps overnight, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually dominate the market. In the Rotel-1077, that future may be here now. This is an outstanding amp by any standard Class A, A/B, or D. (May 2006, Rotel RMB-1077 Amplifier).

About Rotel Electronics Rotel audio products are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, value, and, above all, exceptional sound reproduction. Since 1961, Rotel has utilized the resources of its formidable international design team and has manufactured its products in its own sophisticated production facilities. Rotel proudly offers a complete range of electronics that have consistently received critical acclaim and coveted industry awards. With substantial investment in new technologies and manufacturing, Rotel is prepared to meet the challenges of an evolving specialty electronics marketplace.