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At Prolight & Sound 2017, we will bring a comprehensive line of Class D amplifiers tailored for the perfect for both professional and consumer markets and with power ranges higher than ever before. Our new 1200 watt modules enable MI amplifiers and PA speakers with an outstanding audio performance capable of carrying large venues. The 100AS1 and 100AS2 are one and two channel 100 Watt amplifier modules enabling high performing application in the high volume sweet spot. Furthermore, we will present our new Class D chipset, ICEedge – a revolutionary technical achievement lifting our performance up to a new level. Future ICEpower amplifier modules will be based on the ICEedge technology.

With the addition of 100AS1/2 and 1200AS1/2 to our product range and 300 and 700 watt amplifiers in between, we now cover 100-1200 watt with newly developed, full featured amps. We have listened to you, the audio manufacturers, and added every relevant function and feature to enable you to introduce highly competitive products at a strong price point. We are a part of the renowned audio tradition of Denmark and with that comes a responsibility. So we have also listened to and fine-tuned our products to ensure you the absolute best audio performance. Are you looking to develop active speakers, power amplifiers, musical instrument amps or other powered applications we will find an ICEpower amplifier solution for you.

We are proud to announce the release for sale of the 100AS1/2 products and the beginning of sample availability of the 1200AS1/2 at Prolight & Sound.

Furthermore, on September 1st, 2016 ICEpower merged with innovative start up Audio Bricks, bringing their products, technology and industry veterans Patrik Boström and Lars Press Petersen into the ICEpower family. Going forwards the Audio Bricks product line will continue to be available as ICEpower products. We will be happy to tell you all about it and introduce you to the new members of the family at Prolight and Sound.

ICEpower 1200AS1 (1 x 1200 w) and 1200AS2 (2 x 1200 w) – based on ICEedge technology, audiophile audio quality thanks to new loop topology, universal mains, standby functionality, regulated power supply, PFC, monitoring, diagnostics, a comprehensive protection scheme and several more features. SAMPLING SOON!

ICEpower 100AS1 (1 x 100 w) and 100AS2 (2 x 100 w) – audiophile audio quality, aluminum base plate for excellent heat dissipation, universal mains, standby functionality, a comprehensive protection scheme and several more features. SHIPPING NOW!

ICEedge – ICEpower introduces ICEedge, a state-of-the-art Class D chipset that consists of a dual channel Controller IC and two Driver ICs. It is the only chipset in the market enabling amplifiers that range in power from 50W up to 7kW into 4 Ohms. ICEedge is our finest achievement yet in terms of audio performance and functionality and likely the worlds most advanced Class D chipset. Hear all about ICEedge at Prolight & Sound.

We look forward to meeting you at Prolight & Sound 2017 and talking about your next project. We encourage you to book your meeting soon as we will have a busy schedule. You can find your contact person below to book a meeting. Our CTO Lars Press Petersen, CTO Patrik Boström, Head of Sales and Marketing Mads Emil Solgaard will also be at the show to talk about upcoming projects and answer all your technical questions.

US: Paul Meister,
Europe: Niels Poulsen,
Asia: Masao Ogomori,

See you at the show!