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See you soon at The NAMM Show!

Jan 07, 2020 Newsletter archive

ICEpower will be attending this year’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, from January 16th to 19th. 

ICEpower is located at # 19310 (meeting room).

We would like to invite you in for a talk on how we can assist you in bringing the most innovative products to the market fast – designed and equipped with your competitive advantage.

In addition to our new 200AS2 power module, this year we’re bringing two separate demos/presentations that we would like to discuss with you.

Audio over IP

We would like to show you a demonstration of our capabilities in AVB network audio streaming and Power over Ethernet (PoE) amplifiers.
Let us discuss your experience and needs within networked audio going forward.

PRO Audio Solutions

We are proud to state that when it comes to audio power conversion, we have the biggest, most complete toolbox in the industry. This catalogue of platforms enable us to quickly and cost effectively develop the optimal solution for each specific application. It also means that we are able to deliver custom solutions, based on mature platforms with established reliability and known cost.

This enables us to provide our customers with better performance at a competitive price and a short development time. ICEpower has all the amplification and power supply topologies and power levels covered and is also able to develop solutions with DSP, software and networking. Our manufacturing set up in Thailand is cost-effective, dependable and with an excellent quality.

The latest additions to our vast catalogue of platforms includes high power audio amplifier and power supply platforms capable of up to 3-4kW in 4 ohm. Also, we now have several platforms at different power levels for HiZ/LoZ (70V/100V) applications. In combination with our strong, competitive Thailand based supply chain and our capabilities and platforms in DSP and audio over IP, we believe this positions us uniquely as the go-to technology and turn key development partner for competitive, high performance, advanced PRO audio applications. Not only for rack amplifiers, but also for line arrays, PA speakers and studio monitors.

200AS2 & 200AS1

The 200AS2 and 200AS1 ICEpower amplifier power modules are capable of either 2x 215W (200AS2) or 1x 200W (200AS1) into 4ohm. These compact and rugged power solutions are ideal for PA speakers, studio monitors, bass amplifiers, guitar amplifiers and subwoofers. Both the 200AS2 and 200AS1 are in mass production with samples available now.

Come talk to us at NAMM

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you bring new, exciting products to the market, please contact one of our sales managers or stop by our meeting room # 19310 to book a meeting.


Book a meeting – contact info:

Paul Meister
Tel. +1 847 909 0093

Mikkel Kern Mørkedal
Tel. (+45) 40 13 65 97

Masao Ogomori
Tel. +81 80 3396 9208