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Extending Hi-Fi performance to the whole house and beyond: The new 300A2 and 400A2 Amplifiers

Mar 22, 2021 Story

ICEpower’s new amplifier modules designed for outstanding audio quality in a compact size. 

Today we are proud to announce the debut of our new 300A2 and 400A2 amplifier modules. Our gift to music lovers of all kinds from the home to the stage. We are proud to claim that it is the latest and best sounding member of the ICEpower family to date.

The 300A2 and 400A2 are designed to take advantage of our class leading, proprietary class D chip set, the ICEedge, for ultra-high fidelity in a compact size. While one 300A2 is great for a fantastic hi-fi system, two pieces could make for a spectacular bi-amp system. With four, six or eight of these in one chassis combined with the ICEpower 1500S power supply, ICEpower can welcome you to the best sounding multiroom audio experience one can dream of..

The benefits are not just for the home alone. The high level of audio quality makes them perfectly suited for demanding studio monitor applications as well. When bridged, these modules can offer a high-performance amplifier for PRO audio speakers or can be used as a Hi-Z amplifier for commercial or outdoor spaces. The 300A2/400A2 can also be powered from the ICEpower 1200AS1, enabling the creation of incredibly sounding, compact two or three-way PA speakers..

It is now in stock and ready for purchase with samples available through our Webshop:

ICEpower 300A2 and ICEpower 400A2

At ICEpower we believe in the power of music.

As much as we love the experience of the stage, a transformative experience with the right equipment can personalize how we experience music to the next level.

In the privacy of your own home, it’s not only about what you hear from your stereo, but also about what you don’t hear. Unnecessary static or noise can make even the best speakers sound less than impressive especially in areas where multiple systems are deployed at the same time.

In recording studios, you want absolute fidelity. When mixing, sitting in a sound-dampened room at a short distance to the monitors, any hiss or noise from the speakers is unwanted.

On stage, the highly efficient speaker drivers, including compression drivers, used in PRO audio makes any noise present on the input of the speaker very audible.

All the above applications require an ultra-low noise signal chain to achieve optimum sound quality without audible speaker “hiss”. The performance of available DAC’s has been increasing to a point where in many cases, the amplifier is the weak link in terms of signal to noise ratio and the noise level of the system. The 300A2 and 400A2 incorporate our latest technologies, enabling superior sound quality with an ultra-low noise floor, less than 22 µV for an SNR ratio of 123.5 – Better than most DACs available on the market today.

Features and performance

The 300A2 and 400A2 amplifier modules are compact amplifiers based on ICEpower’s revolutionary ICEedge Class D chip set. These can be powered by one of ICEpower’s power supplies (e.g. the new 1500S PSU), your own power supply, or even something off the shelf.

The 300A2 is a 2-channel single ended amplifier, capable of 300 watts per channel at 4ohm and 150wpc at 8ohm, while being bridgeable to 600w at 8ohm. The 400A2 is a 2-channel single ended amplifier capable of 400wpc at 4ohm and 200wpc at 8ohm, while being bridgeable to 800w at 8ohm.

The 300A2 and 400A2 shares the same board layout, mounting holes and connectors. The main difference is that the 300A2 is designed for operation from a +/- 57V supply whereas the 400A2 is optimized for +/-69V.

Our proprietary technologies ensure crisp, clear and delicate audio reproduction with tightly controlled bass response. The use of the ICEedge in combination with ICEpower’s long experience in class D design, allows for an ultra-low noise floor of less than 22 µV. Furthermore, the combination offers an incredibly low harmonic and intermodulation distortion as well as the absence of turn on and turn off pops and clicks.

The design is very compact and efficient, making it well suited for 1RU rack applications as well as space constrained active speakers.

Customization and turnkey solutions

If you don’t have the time or resources to develop all the products on your roadmap in-house, ICEpower is capable of developing and supplying products on a turnkey basis..

Our strong engineering team today has capabilities spanning power electronics, analog electronics, digital electronics, software, networking, DSP, and mechanical engineering. In combination with our large catalogue of technology platforms, IP, and our competitive manufacturing setup in Thailand, this enables us to take on turnkey development and supply of advanced, complex, and highly differentiated audio products.

We can take the product of your imagination all the way from idea to mass production. Managing all aspects from specification, prototyping, testing, certification, NPI, mass production and product maintenance.

The 300A2/400A2 design is based on our incredibly flexible and scalable ICEedge chipset. This enables us to easily create custom versions. For example, adding 4, 6 or 8 amplifier channels on a single PCB, creating higher or lower powered versions and also high voltage versions for HiZ/LoZ 70V/100V applications.

The new 300A2/400A2 will become part of our large catalogue of platforms that we use for developing turnkey solutions.

To learn more about our capabilities in custom and turnkey development, please contact your local sales manager.

Try the new amplifiers for yourself

If you wish to try out the 300A2 or 400A2, you can order samples directly from our Webshop: ICEpower 300A2 and ICEpower 400A2

To learn more about how ICEpower can help you create innovate, differentiated products faster, please visit or contact your local sales manager.

Emil Friis Pedersen,

Paul Meister,

Masao Ogomori,