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Meet the 2000AS HV Series

May 31, 2022 Story


Introducing ICEpower’s most powerful amplifier modules to date. Meet the 2000AS Series.

As a part of further strengthening our pro audio lineup, we are adding two new members to the family. The ICEpower2000AS Series (High-Voltage) is a fully integrated audio power amplifier module including a universal mains power supply with PFC as well as ErP and Energy Star compliant standby.


ICEpower 2000AS HV Series is a fully integrated audio power amplifier modules including universal mains ErP and Energy Star compliant power supply. HV stands for High speaker output Voltage. The 2000AS2 HV combines a single-stage PFC converter with a 2 x 2000 W high performance, ICEedge based class D amplifier. Besides extreme audio performance and power, it also features monitor outputs for amplifier temperature, voltage, and current output. The DC hanger bus can be used for powering additional amplifiers. Perfect for professional dual subwoofers, 2-way and 3-way speakers as well as high-end consumer active speakers or high-end stereo amplifiers.

Features and performance

Building on the pro audio legacies of our 700AS and 1200AS modules, today we are proud to announce the latest tool in our pro audio tool chest, our new 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV modules, the perfect power solution to control your live sound experience. When ICEpower introduced the 1200AS modules, customers around the world marveled at how we managed to increase power, while maintaining best-in-class noise performance to create not just our most powerful amp at the time but our best sounding! This made the 1200AS great for all sorts of applications, from home HiFi, commercial amps to powered speakers. But what if we were to concentrate on the ultimate solution for self-powered line arrays?

„This is where the new 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV come in. We have taken the already tried and tested 1200AS design, we realized that it had several attributes that would make for a perfect power amp solution for live sound active speakers with just a few changes. More power was obviously needed, but just changing the voltages of transformers and output devices alone isn’t enough. Special attention must be paid to keep noise performance in check. With speakers often hung in hard-to-access places and sometimes in direct sunlight, reliability has to be further thought through and efficiency is of even higher importance. Rethinking of both thermal performance and protection systems had to take place before these could be put into the market“. Says Mads Emil Solgaard

Power and finesse!

The world of live sound requires more than just pure power though, it requires finesse! The 2000AS HV series of modules provides plenty of both. While a high frequency driver isn’t likely to ever output 2kw, it will gladly take advantage of the associated 149 volts of voltage swing in order to maintain diaphragm control, which is key to getting high performance out of modern drivers. The processing power available for modern live sound installation is amazing, which means modern pro sound processing is often outputting signals with signal-to-noise ratios as good or better than the best home hi-fi systems. So, providing all that voltage swing with a very low noise floor makes sure that the only thing being amplified is what the musicians intended, nothing more!

While we have tailored the 2000AS HV to make it the perfect active speaker power solution for live sound, those same traits have plenty of other uses. High-end home subwoofers will surely benefit from the additional output power. The 2000AS HV Series is also great for commercial audio applications that require 70v or 100V constant voltage lines. It’s also understandable that some live sound engineers prefer using their favorite passive speakers with rack amps. A couple of 2000AS2 HV modules inside a rack amp is a great solution there as well.

Of course, power is still appreciated and useful. Being able to deliver these high peaks means those kick drum hits will have the oomph needed to keep hearts pounding in the heat of the performance and to feel the jet flying over you in the movie you’re watching. As the most powerful ICEpower amplifier yet, the 2000AS HV delivers it all.


Customization and turnkey solutions

If you don’t have the time or resources to develop all the products on your roadmap in-house, ICEpower is capable of developing and supplying products on a turnkey basis..

Our strong engineering team today has capabilities spanning power electronics, analog electronics, digital electronics, software, networking, DSP, and mechanical engineering. In combination with our large catalog of technology platforms, IP, and our competitive manufacturing setup in Thailand, this enables us to take on turnkey development and supply of advanced, complex, and highly differentiated audio products.

We can take the product of your imagination all the way from idea to mass production. Managing all aspects from specification, prototyping, testing, certification, NPI, mass production, and product maintenance.

The new 1500S will become part of our large catalog of platforms that we use for developing turnkey solutions. If you don’t find an existing amplifier of ours to match the 1500S, we can also design a custom amplifier specific to your requirements, or you can use the 2000AS HV Series with an amplifier design of your own.

To learn more about our capabilities in custom and turnkey development, please contact your local sales manager.

Try the 2000AS HV Series for yourself.

If you wish to try out the 2000AS2 HV, you can order samples directly from our Webshop: ICEpower 2000SAS2 HV

To learn more about how ICEpower can help you create innovative, differentiated products faster, please visit our website or contact your local sales manager.