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Sound from another dimension

ICEbricks are super compact Class D amplifier modules boosting some of the same characteristics as ICEpower’s other amplifier modules: High audio quality, low power loss, small size, robustness, flexibility, and long product life. They are capable of delivering 400 Wrms into 4 Ω or up to 300 Wrms into 8 Ω. ICEbricks are based on the Sierra modulation design, which allows for constant loop gain in the audio band while still maintaining a first order closed loop response.


Below you can see the application possibilities for the ICEbricks. If you have any doubt or questions, please contact our sales team.

Active hifi speakers

Stereo and multi channel amplifiers

AV Receivers

Self powered professional PA speakers and line arrays

Studio Monitors

ICEbricks – when the going gets tough

The ICEbrick amplifier modules displays very low output impedance of less than 2 mΩ in the audio band. Besides no heat sink is needed for playing music in 45 °C ambient, and it is also straightforward to add heat sinking and achieve higher continuous output powers. No components on the ICEbrick amplifier module ages significantly. Instead, the product life depends on choice of components surrounding the module.