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Power to the People

Even the best sounding amplifier can seem lacking without a rock-solid power supply behind it. A sturdy power supply is the basis of any quality audio system. Without sustainable power, even the best sounding output sections can sound dull and weak.

Switch Mode Power Supplies by ICEpower – Sustainable Power

ICEpower’s switch mode power supplies are perfect for enabling your high efficiency amplifier needs. Our power supplies can be combined with either one of ICEpower’s amplifiers, such as the 300A2, 400A2, Engine400 or ICEmatch modules. Or they can be used together with an output section of your own design. The potential applications are wide and include traditional Hi-Fi amplifiers, multichannel home theater, whole home audio, commercial audio, studio monitors, subwoofers, PA speakers, sound reinforcement and even non-audio applications.

Our power supplies include both main converter as well as an auxillary power converter typically both +5V for powering digital circuitry as well as +/- 12 – 15Vdc for analog circuitry.

All our power supplies are pre-approved to the latest safety and EMC standards, in order to simplify your product development process.

Reliability is a key focus for us. This has been achieved through careful design, use of brand name components and meticulous testing and burn-in in mass production. Every single module goes through a comprehensive functional test in production before delivery to the customer. Furthermore, all our power supplies incorporate comprehensive protection features, such as thermal monitoring, over current protection, over/under voltage protection, etc. to protect against failure in use.




Compare our portfolio of Power Supplies

Specification 400SM 1500S
Universal Mains (85-264 VAC, 47Hz - 63Hz) X X
ErP (1275 / 2008 / EC) compliant standby mode X (+5V) (Disable mode)
Regulated auxillary power supply DC output X (+/-12V) X (+/-7V)
Regulated auxillary power supply DC output X (+/-5V) X (+9V)
Wake up on signal/triggers X
Comprehensive protection scheme (thermal, over-current) X X
Mechanically rugged construction X X
EMC, UL and RoHS compliance X X
Temperature monitor output X X
Key Performance Parameters
Power Output 400 W 1500 W
Peak Power 800W 2400 W
Maximum Efficiency - 92%
Supply voltage input 85-264 VAC 85-264 VAC
Main rail voltage ±33V ±47 V, ±57 V or ±69 V
Digital/control auxillary supply voltage +5 V +9 V
Digital/control auxillary supply current 1A 6A
Analog auxillary supply voltage :+/-12V and +/- 5V and 5V standby :+/-7V
Analog auxillary supply current 12V: 700mA/ 5V standby: 1 A/ +-5V: 500mA 1250mA+900mA
Vvdrive supply voltage VS + 12V VS + 12V
Vvdrive supply current 750mA 750mA