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Sustainability Policy

“It is ICEpower’s mission to offer the highest product quality and best audio performance at the best price in the market.”

Our commitment to sustainability is based on the internationally agreed core principles for sustainable development; human rights (including labor rights), environment (including climate), and anti-corruption. The principles are listed by the UN Global Compact and made operational through the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (OECD).


We comply with regulations, wherever we operate. Distinct from this, our commitment means that ICEpower, and its subsidiaries, continuously identifies, prevents, or mitigates, our risks of adverse impacts in relation to the core principles. We will communicate how we manage such impacts. Where we cause or contribute to adverse impacts, we will provide for access to remedy. We will also seek to make a difference for sustainability, where it makes most sense for us.


Our expectations of employees

Our employees are key in helping us manage international principles for sustainable development. We expect all team members at ICEpower to assist us in honoring our commitment in their daily work. Our Code of Conduct for Employees outline part of our expectation. We will seek to embed our Sustainability commitment in the daily work of both our employees and management through training, communication, regular assessments, and grievance mechanisms. We always appreciate good ideas for how to prevent, mitigate or improve our impacts on sustainable development.


Our expectations of business relationships

We expect from our business relationships, that they meet the agreed minimum standard for responsible business conduct as expressed in this commitment as well. Business relationships shall implement the UNGPs/OECD, i.e., manage risks of causing or contributing to adverse impacts in relation to human rights, the environment, and anti- corruption, and address actual impacts, share their results – and ask the same from their relationships. The occurrence and management of severe impacts shall be communicated to us promptly. This is expressed in our Code of Conduct for Business Relationships.


This policy commitment will be reflected in all other policies, guidelines, and procedures in ICEpower. We encourage our employees and other stakeholders to inform us about challenges on human rights, the environment, or economic sustainability associated with our services, products, or business relations.


Policy Commitment development

This policy is developed with the assistance of external experts and approved by the board of directors. The policy commitment is communicated both internally and externally. The policy will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised every year reflecting our progress in implementation.