ICEpower Launches the new 1000S Power Supply for Audio

The Power Supply that Fills the Gap for 2-Way and 3-Way Active Speakers and Hifi Stereo Amplifiers.


ICEpower Launches the new 1000S Power Supply for Audio

Copenhagen, Denmark – ICEpower, a leading provider of high-performance power solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the 1000S power supply, filling a long-standing gap in the market for high-power amplification equipment.

The demand for a 1000W power supply has been requested for a long time and ICEpower’s 1000S delivers on that demand, providing an essential component for audio applications such as 2-way, 3-way active speakers, and hifi stereo amplifiers, which will enable audio manufacturers to design products with more power and features than ever before.

“ICEpower has always prided themselves on providing the highest quality products available, and the 1000S power supply is a testament to that,” says, Mads Emil Hansen Solgaard, Sales & Marketing Director of ICEpower. “With 1000W of power, audio manufacturers will be able to design even more powerful products, driving high-quality audio to another level.”

The 1000S power supply is highly efficient, ensuring that it runs cool and quiet even when under heavy loads, making it ideal for audio applications. ICEpower has always been a leader in the audio industry, and the release of the 1000S power supply is no exception. The 1000S power supply is a reliable and durable solution that will provide audio manufacturers with the essential component needed to design high-performance audio equipment. The 1000S is a compact, efficient yet powerful 1000w power supply created by ICEpower to pair with our incredible performing 400A2 module for applications in Hi-Fi, commercial amps, whole home audio, and active speakers. Based on the resonant LLC converter of our tried and tested 700AS1 module, the 1000S is tailor-made to provide the power needed to enable the best-sounding systems with our newest and best amplification technology. 

The 1000S power supply is available now and can be purchased directly from the ICEpower website. For more information on the 1000S power supply or any other ICEpower product, please visit the ICEpower website.


Riding on the back of our last year’s 1500S Power Supply release, ICEpower is proud to present our latest power supply module, the 1000S, a highly efficient resonant LLC converter platform based on the incredibly robust power supply of the 700AS1.  1000 watts of clean, long lasting power capable of peaking 1400 watts in a great package. 

In addition to the 1500S, last year ICEpower released the 300A2 and 400A2 amplifier modules which are the best-sounding amplifiers ICEpower has produced to date.  While the 1500S has more than enough power to run up to 16 channels of amplification, not every application requires that many outputs.  That is where the 1000S comes in.   

Combine the 1000S with our 400A2 or an amp of your own design to make solutions for a wide variety of applications.   Need a best-in-class sounding hifi amp? Pair the 1000S with a 400A2 for 2 channels of 400w.  Want a high-powered great sounding mono amplifier? Use the 1000S to power a bridged 400A2 for 800w at 8ohm.   Using these same modules, robust and compact commercial amps can be made for 70v high-Z applications. 

Maybe even more exciting, the 1000S can be the basis of incredible sounding and flexible active loudspeaker systems. Whether for studio monitors, hifi or live sound, active speakers are becoming the preferred choice for people with golden ears. Since the release of the 400A2, audio manufacturers have asked for a power supply more tailored to the requirements of a three-way speaker.  The 1000S is perfectly setup to power a bridged 400A2 for the lows and a single-ended 400A2 for the mid-range and high-frequency drivers to create the best-sounding active speakers available. 

The 1000S, features universal AC input, a standby power supply compliant with the latest EU standards and strong 5v and +/-15v auxiliary supplies for pairing with the best preamps and DACs. The 1000S is preapproved for safety, EMC, EMI and based on well-established ICEpower power supply topology.  

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