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for Commercial Installation

You find the power of music everywhere you go. We can build everything from multichannel and multi-room solutions. We are creating products for commercial installation to be used worldwide; we help to generate the power to the soundtrack of life. 

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Ensure Space-Saving and High-Quality Audio in Commercial Installations.

We can provide reference designs and complete audio power modules to help you achieve your audio goals. In addition, we can manufacture complete rack amplifiers on a turnkey or joint development basis, freeing up your time and resources for other projects. Our existing solutions make it possible to create rack amplifiers with 2 to 16 channels, ranging from 50W to 1200W per channel, typically in a 1U rack height.

Reducing rack space is crucial for both commercial and residential installations. Traditional constant voltage line amplifiers are based on linear power supplies and amplifiers that use linear output step-up transformers. This design requires several heavy and expensive transformers. However, with ICEpower technologies, we can create direct-drive 70V/100V class D amplifiers with enough output voltage swings to drive constant voltage line applications directly, eliminating the need for step-up transformers.

Our solutions allow for reliable products with superior audio quality and low heat dissipation in ultra-compact enclosures, saving rack space without sacrificing quality.

The Audio in Commercial Installation

At ICEpower, our focus on Commercial Installation is centered around the impact of audio. We understand that exceptional audio solutions can empower businesses to craft captivating and immersive experiences for customers and employees alike.

Our commercial audio systems are customizable to accommodate the distinct requirements of various businesses and are top-tier choices for professional installations. These systems deliver outstanding sound quality for background music, public announcements, and a range of other audio applications.

Explore the ways in which ICEpower products can elevate your business to new heights.


Utilizing ICEpower technologies

ICEpower: Your Partner in Commercial Audio Solutions

At ICEpower, we’re passionate about helping our clients overcome the challenges they face when it comes to commercial audio installations. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovations into our products to give you the best possible audio experience. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf module or need our assistance in developing a custom product or component, we’re here to help.

Energy Efficiency: Saving You Money Without Sacrificing Performance

When designing a new amplifier, we know that crafting a cost-effective and durable solution is a top priority. That’s why we’ve focused on developing products with low idle power consumption. By using energy more efficiently, we help you reduce operating costs and eliminate the need for noisy high-speed fans to keep your equipment cool. With ICEpower, you get the perfect combination of performance and efficiency.

High-Impedance Amplification: Meeting Your Needs for expertise

We understand that high-impedance amplification is essential for many of our clients’ products. That’s why we’ve developed expertise in creating high-impedance amplifiers that can deliver up to two 100 RMS outputs with ease. With ICEpower, you can run speaker cables up to 100 meters from your amplifier, giving you the flexibility you need to create the perfect sound system for any space.

Seamless Streaming: Managing Multiple Channels with Ease

Whether you’re installing audio systems in a hotel, airport, or any other commercial space, it’s critical to have a system that can manage multiple channels and stream audio flawlessly to specific speakers. That’s why we’ve developed systems that support Dante and AVB streaming for up to 96 high-resolution channels. At ICEpower, we’re committed to helping you achieve your streaming goals with ease.

Power Over Ethernet: Bringing Innovation to Commercial Audio

At ICEpower, we’re always looking for new and exciting opportunities to bring innovation to the commercial audio market. That’s why we’ve completed several projects involving Power over Ethernet (PoE) amplifiers. We’ve developed multi-channel home theater amplifiers powered via Ethernet cable, as well as compact 60-watt amplifiers. With our expertise, we can help you create not only the amplifiers themselves but also control panels and wireless communication systems to manage your entire setup. At ICEpower, we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

Creating Commercial Installation products 

Why use ICEpower Audio Products?

Whether you’re seeking the ideal amplifier module or power supply for your solution, or require a partner to elevate your product development, ICEpower is the perfect choice. We’ve highlighted a few of our key attributes below to showcase why you should opt for ICEpower products.

Product performance
ICEpower’s audio technology boasts remarkable quality, providing a lush, crisp, and dynamic listening experience. In addition to our numerous patented Class D amplifier technologies, we have developed our proprietary chipset. Our products achieve peak power efficiency exceeding 90%, resulting in reduced heat dissipation and minimising the necessity for fans and cooling components, such as heat sinks.

Compact and lightweight design
At ICEpower, we engineer amplifier solutions to be compact and lightweight, making them perfect for integration into a wide range of applications, such as racks, active speakers, and other audio solutions. This streamlined design enables manufacturers to produce sleek, inconspicuous devices without compromising audio quality.

Product Maintenance by ICEpower
Worried about components reaching the end-of-life? At ICEpower, we redesign our products using alternative parts whenever components become unavailable. We ensure that form, fit, and function remain consistent, and that the product continues to meet all regulatory compliance requirements. This way, we handle the challenging and time-consuming work, so you, our valued customer, don’t have to worry about redesigning your products.

As new safety standards emerge, we proactively update our Class D amplifier and power supply modules to comply with the latest requirements.

Our products have an impressive lifespan, as demonstrated by the A-series and ASP-series of modules, which were introduced in 2000 and 2002, respectively, and remain in production today. Although many parts have reached end-of-life since their introduction, we continue to offer products that, while not 100% identical to those from 2000/2002, maintain equivalent form, fit, and function.

And the cherry on top? The sound quality remains exceptional!

The two first options

ICEpower has Dedicated Audio Solutions Experts Who are Ready to Help

Whether you need a custom designed amplifier or you have seen just the product on our webshop to install in your solution, you can trust our dedicated team of Market and Solutions Specialists to support you with your audio solution needs. We want to ensure that your product dreams come true. We want to make our knowledge available to you to ensure you get the amazing solutions you need to further your business.


Paul Meister

Sales Manager, US


Josefine Fredborg Ravn

Sales Manager, EU, Middle East & Africa


Masao Ogomori

Sales Manager, ASIA


Mads Emil Solgaard Hansen

Director, Sales & Marketing


A third option

Outsourced Product Creation Saves Time and Resources.

At ICEpower, our team includes experts in audio engineering, software development, and product design. When you outsource product creation to us, you’ll work with a team of audio specialists with the knowledge and experience needed to develop your product successfully. This can be especially useful if you have limited resources or are developing new products in a field outside your area of expertise.

Moreover, outsourcing product creation to ICEpower can help you save costs. Developing a new product requires a significant investment of time and resources, including purchasing equipment and setting up a development facility. By outsourcing to us, you can avoid these costs and instead pay a fixed price for the product development process. This can help you better manage your budget and invest resources in other areas of your business.

In summary, outsourcing Commercial Install Product Creation to ICEpower can be a smart choice for companies looking to save time and resources, access a wider range of skills and expertise, and bring high-quality products to market faster. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

A Collaboration With Many Benefits

Outsourcing your product creation to ICEpower can save you valuable time and resources. We specialize in validation and compliance testing for safety and EMC, managing prototype builds, and maintaining communication with manufacturers. By joining forces with us, you’ll have everything you need for product development in one place.

Outsourcing your product creation is a smart choice for companies seeking cost-effective and efficient ways to bring their products to market. It provides access to a wider range of skills and expertise, saving valuable time and resources while reducing overhead costs.

Concerned about components going EOL before your product is complete? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our product maintenance ensures that all redesigns and safety standards are up-to-date, so you can focus on other core competencies.

If you’re considering a collaboration, let’s talk about how we can help you develop high-quality, cutting-edge products while keeping costs low.

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How do you get the process started?

Developing solutions for commercial installation is an exciting project and working with ICEpower secures a smooth process.

We have extensive experience in creating high-quality solutions for some of the largest brands in the world.

Once we have received a briefing on your project and requirements, we will deliver a complete project scope with solution architecture and timing plans.

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