Towards a Sustainable Future

At ICEpower we take great pride in our efforts toward a better environment and a sustainable business.

Our commitment to a sustainable business is thus based on the internationally agreed core principles for sustainable development; human rights (including labor rights), environment (including climate), and anti-corruption.

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Our Commitment

Each employee plays a unique and necessary role in our company. We operate globally and want to establish and nurture relationships across cultures, languages, and ethnicities. We believe that employees spending a large part of their life working for our company is to be treated with respect and dignity.

Providing proper working conditions is a key area for the company to focus on. When ICEpower cares for the people, the people care for their job. They are motivated to perform the best they can. This is beneficial for the employee, the company, and the customers.

Code of Conduct For ICEpower Employees

This Code of Conduct for Employees (CoCE) intends to provide you, as a valued team member, with a better understanding of what the commitment entails.

Code of Conduct For Business Relationships

This Code of Conduct for Business Relationships (CoCBR) serves the purpose of ensuring that ICEpower Business Relationships, including suppliers and partners, demonstrate responsible business conduct.

ICEpower Whistleblower Tool for Employees and Partners

Whistleblowing is the act of reporting waste, fraud, corruption, abuse, or an activity that puts at risk the public’s health and safety.

Working with Sustainability in Audio Every Day

Our point of view
Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a static set of documents and platforms you put out for the time being. Our sustainability work is something we work on continuesly all year round, and we want to be transparent.

How we started
For years we have been aware of our carbon footprint in developing new products and improving packaging materials to be part of a greener initiative. But in 2022 we contacted Global CSR to implement their Sustainbility Platform to keep track on our progress. We went through all the human rights in the process of mapping all our strengths and weak spots. Each year we set a course of actions on Social as well as Environmental issues, and through the year we work actively to improve ourselves.

About the reports below
The reports are live and feed directly of our current reports which we are working on. This means that you can see when a Human Right is checked out as a draft while we work on it.

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