Creating Smart Home Audio Solutions

Many Smart Home houses worldwide are already packed with audio solutions from ICEpower. We work together with some of the biggest brands in the world to create audio solutions for Home Automation. 

We know the market and can help you make everything from rack-mounted multi-channel and multi-room amplifiers and matrix audio solutions to compact, behind-the-TV amplifiers powered over ethernet (PoE).


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ICEpower creates unique Smart Home Audio solutions
for the top players in the industry.

Smart Home Audio Technology

Smart Home Solutions and Home Automation are increasingly popular technologies that are changing the way we live and interact with our homes. Home Automation enables homeowners to control and automate various aspects of their home, including lighting, temperature, video and, above all, audio. Homeowners can enjoy greater convenience, sleek designs, and easy control by using a central control system or their smartphone.

Smart Home Audio Technology has made significant strides in recent years, thanks to the development of high-quality, multi-room home audio systems. These systems make it easy for homeowners to stream music, video, games, and other audio content throughout their home, creating a captivating and immersive sound experience. Additionally, they can be seamlessly integrated with Home Automation Systems, allowing for control of both audio and other home systems from a single app or device.

This makes it easier than ever for homeowners to enjoy a connected, intelligent, and delightful living space.

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Smart Home Audio Solutions from ICEpower

ICEpower is a leading provider of cutting-edge audio solutions for various industries, including the smart home industry. Our focus is on producing high-performance audio amplifiers and digital signal processors that meet the specific needs of smart home systems.

Our products for the smart home industry include a range of audio amplifiers that are energy-efficient and compact, making them an ideal fit for any home audio setup. Our solutions are based on Class D and can deliver high-quality audio output across a full audio range and all volume levels.

We offer an extensive range of amplifiers for the smart home segment, ranging from 1 to 16 channels. Our amplifiers have been built to be 1 U’s, making it easy to stack multiple units for a seamless and convenient setup. Our amplifier topologies allow us to create high-quality audio output for our customers. We don’t call it high-fidelity hi-fi; we call it supreme fidelity.

Our main focus is on creating the lowest distortion and largest bandwidth/lowest noise. Even our power supplies have high efficiency and are equipped with universal mains and PFC to ensure minimal disturbance to the main supply in the house. This allows for many more amplifiers to be used in parallel. We have developed our own IC for this application, with a power range of around 100 watts. It is usually from 56 watts to 160 watts times 16 channels. We can optimize them for high efficiency if a customer wishes.

Another focus, which is critical in the smart home industry, is silent start and stop, plus channel separation. With our technologies, we design for low EMI and make PCB layouts that maximize performance to ensure that audio in one room does not leak through to other rooms.

In addition to audio amplifiers, ICEpower produces a range of digital signal processors (DSPs) designed to optimize audio output for specific smart home environments. Our DSPs can be customized to meet the specific needs of different devices and settings and can provide advanced features like dynamic range compression, equalization, and loudness control. We also offer streaming platforms that we can build into amplifiers and cabinets directly or make separate units for streaming in some cases. We are capable of doing Dante and AS67 if a customer needs this in their product.

Overall, ICEpower’s audio solutions are an essential component of the smart home industry, providing high-performance audio amplifiers and digital signal processors designed to enhance the audio experience for users across a range of different devices and environments. Whether you are designing new smart home solutions or upgrading existing products, ICEpower’s advanced audio solutions can help you deliver rich, immersive sound that takes your smart home experience to the next level.


An ICEpower mission: Solving the issue of idle heat and lowering our carbon footprint

At ICEpower, we have solved two problems with one solution. We believe that smart home technology should not only enhance our daily lives but also be environmentally friendly. Our team of skilled engineers works tirelessly to make this possible.

One of the biggest issues with smart home amplifiers is heat. We understand that when you set up a smart home system, you want it to work efficiently without generating too much heat. That’s why we have developed new technologies to make our amplifiers cooler, so you can stack your units in a closet without worrying about overheating.

We have also worked on improving amplifier efficiency, which has led to a reduction in power consumption. This means that our products are not only cooler but they are also greener, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

At ICEpower, we are committed to creating a brighter future. With our advanced audio solutions, you can enjoy a high-quality audio experience while also reducing your impact on the environment.

Creating Smart Home Audio Solutions Together

Benefits of Working with ICEpower on Smart Home Audio Solutions

High-quality audio performance: ICEpower’s audio technology offers exceptional audio quality, delivering a rich, clear, and dynamic listening experience. We are known for achieving high-fidelity audio reproduction, which is crucial for smart home applications where users expect top-notch performance.

Energy efficiency: ICEpower’s Class-D amplifiers are highly efficient, minimizing power consumption while still providing powerful audio output. This efficiency is vital for smart home devices, where power management and minimizing energy usage are essential to maintain the devices’ longevity and reduce their environmental impact.

Compact and lightweight design: ICEpower’s amplifier solutions are designed to be small and lightweight, making them ideal for integration into various smart home solutions, including racks, active speakers, soundbars, and other audio solutions. This compactness allows manufacturers to create sleek, unobtrusive devices without sacrificing audio quality.

Scalability and flexibility: ICEpower’s solutions are highly scalable and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of smart home devices. We offer products and solutions for both entry-level and high-end audio applications, allowing manufacturers to choose the best fit for their specific product requirements.

Integration capabilities: It is essential for the interoperability of devices within a smart home ecosystem, so we will make sure your solution integrates seamlessly to fit with your other products to give your end-user a smooth experience in set-up and play. With ICEpower’s audio technology and our team’s experience, we are able to design products that easily integrate with other components and systems in your repertoire, such as voice assistants, wireless connectivity, and home automation platforms. Many of our projects involve integrating proprietary protocols based on specifications from our clients.

Proven track record and expertise: ICEpower has a solid history of developing and delivering high-quality audio solutions for the big players in the smart home industry. This expertise and experience have earned us the trust of many manufacturers, making ICEpower a reliable choice for smart home audio solutions.

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We have a dedicated team of Smart Home Audio, Market, and Audio Solutions Specialists that supports you with your solution needs. This is to ensure that your product dreams come true. We want to make our knowledge available to you to ensure you get the amazing solutions you need to further your business.

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Outsourced Smart Home Audio Product Creation saves time and resources.

Our team at ICEpower includes experts in audio engineering, software development, and product design. By outsourcing part of or all of the process to us, you can tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience, which can help you create a better product together than you might be able to on your own.

Finally, outsourcing product creation to ICEpower can help you reduce your costs. Developing a new product requires a significant investment of time and resources, including purchasing equipment, and setting up a development facility. By outsourcing, you can avoid these costs and instead pay a fixed price for the product development process, which can help you better manage your budget.

In summary, outsourcing Smart Home Audio Product Creation to ICEpower can be a smart choice for companies looking to save time and resources, access a wider range of skills and expertise, and bring high-quality products to market faster.


A Collaboration With Many Benefits

Outsourcing your product creation to ICEpower can save you valuable time and resources. We specialize in validation and compliance testing for safety and EMC, managing prototype builds, and maintaining communication with manufacturers. By joining forces with us, you’ll have everything you need for product development in one place.

Outsourcing your product creation is a smart choice for companies seeking cost-effective and efficient ways to bring their products to market. It provides access to a wider range of skills and expertise, saving valuable time and resources while reducing overhead costs.

Concerned about components going EOL before your product is complete? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our product maintenance ensures that all redesigns and safety standards are up-to-date, so you can focus on other core competencies.

If you’re considering a collaboration, let’s talk about how we can help you develop high-quality, cutting-edge products while keeping costs low.

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How do you get the process started?

Developing your next Smart Home Audio Solution is an exciting project and working with ICEpower secures a smooth process.

We have extensive experience in creating high-quality solutions for some of the largest brands in the world.

Once we have received a briefing on your project and requirements, we will deliver a complete project scope with solution architecture and timing plans.