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Who is ICEpower?

Audio is in our DNA. We are found at the world’s most famous stadiums and concert halls while at the same time playing in the falling snow at winter sports events. We are at the local fitness club, the train station, or your favorite pub around the corner. We are lucky enough to work with audio, and every day, we get to amplify some of the most beautiful things in life – Music, communication, and entertainment!

We think that’s pretty cool!

The Power to Create

ICEpower exists to empower the audio industry to create new, exciting products. Through groundbreaking innovation and worldclass-knowledge, ICEpower develops and delivers superior sound solutions for the audio industry and end users all over the world – giving creators the tools to do what they do best; excite, thrill, entertain, and tell stories.

ICEpower is a CUSTOMER centric and PROJECT focused company. Over the last 20 years, we have built strong competencies, IP, and a large number of technology platforms for Audio Electronics, e.g. within:

  • Analog & Digital Hardware
  • Software incl. Embedded SW, FW & DSP, and Networking for audio
  • Mechanics

In close partnerships, we create innovative and competitive products for the leaders of the audio industry within our focus segments. ICEpower provides our customers competitive advantages by enabling you to bring innovative products to the market faster with low investment and resource load.

Partnering with ICEpower on product creation results in a reduction of our customer’s operational complexity and enables you to stay focused on what truly matters – customers, creators, and communities.

Our Promise: Powerful Audio Solutions to tell your story

Depending on each customer’s specific needs, requirements, and circumstances, there are different ways we can engage in creating solutions for you. We want to deliver powerful audio solutions to tell your story – from a young, aspiring creator to a professional studio providing content for Hollywood. That is our promise. 

In many cases, we have existing platforms or solutions available that meet or come very close to your desired features and performance. In such cases, we can help by providing world-class design-in support, assisting you in developing your product based on one of our many proven Audio Products. 

In other cases, we provide a full custom Turnkey, cradle to grave product development, and supply service.


”Through engineering excellence and close partnering,
ICEpower offers customers the highest quality and
performance audio products at the best price in the market”


“To become the preferred partner for outsourced
product creation to the leaders of the audio industry”

The people behind ICEpower

We strive to be “not just another company”. ICEpower is in a wider perspective about trying to establish a culture ‘that sets the individual free’ to create, to accomplish, to grow, to master, to improve, to make results for the benefit of ICEpower and him-/herself. This is our fuel and common denominator across the entire organization; from production to management.

The ICEpower Management Team consists of 5 highly skilled and highly motivated professionals – all having a stake in ICEpower.

But boy, could he play guitar

ICEpower has close ties to the iconic, Danish high-end consumer electronics company, Bang & Olufsen. In 1999, a PhD thesis on efficient, compact Class D amplifiers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) drew the attention of the Bang & Olufsen management. This resulted in a joint venture, which created the foundation for ICEpower A/S. From the start, ICEpower became – not just a department of Bang & Olufsen – but a separate, limited company.

At that time, the practical application of Class D technology to audio was new and generated interest in the audio world. The advantages of high efficiency/high power density amplifiers made possible by the new Class D topology became apparent.

The relationship with Bang & Olufsen enabled ICEpower to quickly become one of the leading companies in the amplification world. Starting in high-end niche markets, ICEpower developed a range of premium quality audio power conversion engines used by some of the world’s most prestigious audio brands. Both within HI-FI and PRO audio brands.

Later, ICEpower was used in automotive platforms for AUDI, Mercedes, Aston Martin, and BMW. Gradually ICEpower built a powerful OEM business, delivering platforms used in low power systems (e. g. mobile phones) to large-scale pro audio line array systems.

The song remains the same – 2016 and onwards

In 2016, realizing the potential of the business as an independent entity, a management buyout supported by Dansk Ejerkapital (Danish Equity Fund) – a Danish private equity company – allowed ICEpower to finally begin the development of its full potential.

The purpose of Dansk Ejerkapital is to turn SME’s (small and medium enterprises) into larger enterprises. The strategic direction and decisions are made by the management of ICEpower, and the management are also majority shareholders.

One of the first strategic moves of ICEpower in 2016 was to acquire Audio Bricks (Sweden), thereby also getting access to fundamentals from Anaview – a former competitor founded by Patrik Boström. The two founders of Audio Bricks, Patrik Boström and Lars Press Petersen, were well-known to ICEpower. ICEpower had co-operated with both earlier, and Lars held the position as Innovation Manager at ICEpower from 2003-2008.

Besides the Audio Bricks products (now ICEbricks), Patrik Boström and Lars Press Petersen also brought their patents and ODM-business agreements with several semiconductor and A/V companies into ICEpower.

The shareholding managers of ICEpower today are Keld Lindegaard Andersen, CEO, Mads Emil Solgaard Hansen, Sales & Marketing Director, Patrik Boström, CTO, Lars Press Petersen, CTO.

The ICEpower Culture

Many people have experienced joining a company – especially a major organization – and being presented with a ‘these are the company values we have here’ lecture. This is not the way we want to present or manage ICEpower.

People are different – and we all have different values. We believe that it is impossible to design a 1:1 value set between individuals and an employer. This is also true for ICEpower. Does that mean that ICEpower has no values? Not at all – you bet we have!

We strive to be popular in the sense that our customers should think that we are the best possible business partner. Our employees should think that we are the best place to work. Our partners and suppliers should want to go that extra mile in their partnership with us. Owners and investors should think that we are the best possible investment. We want to be ‘cool’ and we want to be ‘awesome’.

We use diversity in a constructive way

ICEpower works 100% globally. That is why it is important that we can establish and nurture relationships across cultures, languages, and ethnicities. We are all equally important – irrespective of where we work for ICEpower. Each employee’s contribution is unique and necessary for the whole company.

We are not employees at ICEpower because we are different, but because we possess the human and professional skills that ICEpower needs. Diversity means that differences in method, points of view, expertise and experience produce a more efficient and successful result.

We strive to be without prejudice. We want to be tolerant and show respect for everyone in our internal and external relationships.

We are proud of our global relationships – of working with ‘the whole world’ and that ‘the whole world wants to work either in ICEpower or with ICEpower. We have employees ‘all over the world and are happy and proud of having established long-term relationships. This is essential for results, value creation, our culture, and job satisfaction.


ICEpower makes its earnings from performing. ICEpower’s employees make their living from performing. We go to work to generate results for ICEpower and for ourselves. Generating results means taking something or someone from one state to another. Human attributes and professional qualifications are the prerequisites for solving problems and working on projects. At ICEpower, qualifications and knowledge are only valuable when put actively into play.

ICEpower makes great demands of its employees as far as performance is concerned – i.e., achieving results. We are here to perform and generate results – big as well as small incremental results in our day-to-day working lives.

We view the relationship between the employee and ICEpower as a win/win situation and a give and take. We want to create an ICEpower in which the results generated for ICEpower by employees positively impact our employees’ careers over time.

Employees may find themselves in situations in which they greatly influence how things affect not only themselves – but the entire or large parts of the company and all their colleagues. This may be in situations involving the completion of important development projects or in situations in which product delivery is critical in certain periods. We believe that each employee’s opinion and critical effort – irrespective of weekday and season – is vital. That is why we believe in ‘give and take’. The more each person ‘gives,’ the greater the opportunity becomes to ‘receive.’

ICEpower wants to make an extra effort to accommodate each employee. All employees may run into problems that are work-related and/or personal. At ICEpower, we go to great lengths in our attempts to support an employee who has been unlucky or is facing major challenges. We strive to be responsive.

Freedom with responsibility

ICEpower trusts its employees – and everyone works according to ‘freedom with responsibility’. Some employees have very stationary jobs while others sometimes travel a great deal. Irrespective of this, it is important to take ‘your personality to work’. 

We are all different and have different interests and different preferences. An interesting and stimulating workplace is not one where employees are given guidelines and policies – but one which accommodates each employee’s personality both ‘at home’ in Copenhagen and in our marketplaces. What seems natural to some people may seem strange to others.

At ICEpower, we want to focus on what creates value. We prioritize generating results above all else – and results are best achieved within a roomy framework and freedom with responsibility.

And this…

We view ICEpower as a ‘young’ company on its way. Although ICEpower may have many years of experience, we re- and kick-started ICEpower in mid-2016.

In addition to creating a successful company in the audio industry, including all the associated financial targets, we aim to create an ‘awesome’ and ‘cool’ culture. We are lucky enough to work with sound. What is sound? Sound is music. What is music? Music is entertainment. Does it get any cooler than that?

By enjoying the use of our products, we find ourselves at the world’s most famous stadiums and concert halls, while at the same time playing in the falling snow at winter sports establishments, the local fitness club, the train station, or the favorite pub around the corner. 

This view on ICEpower, we believe, results in excellent returns and generates even better products for our customers. 

Why choose ICEpower?

ICEpower entered the audio market in 2001 with our first products in the shape of plug-and- play class D amplifier power modules. A few years later our first Audio IC’s were introduced to the market – designed and manufactured in co-operation with world-leading semiconductor companies.

While all products we have introduced from 2001 onwards are still available in the market, we have today developed into a large-scale turnkey provider of audio solutions. We not only provide Audio IC’s and plug-and- play modules, we also provide complete speaker backplates (incl. amp, PSU, DSP, IP etc.), and box build products, such as rack amps for PRO Audio, home, or commercial installations.

We find that more and more of our customers work with ICEpower, because they have come to realize that to stay competitive, they need to focus their resources on the things they’re really good at. Mainly the part of the new products, where they add the most differentiation and value. Or they have challenges in introducing the required number of products in order to reach their ambitions for staying or reaching competitiveness.

This is where ICEpower adds the most value.

Competitive prices guaranteed

Some people don’t believe us when we say that we provide both the best quality and most competitive cost. The reasons why we can be price competitive in Turnkey Solutions are twofold:

  1. We have a large number of market proven, high quality audio power platforms already available, which we can easily turn into speaker backplates or box build products. As the cost of developing the power platforms have already been amortized, we only have to charge customers for the new part of the product.
  2. We have established a manufacturing set-up with an EMS partner in Thailand with a size, competences and attitude that matches our price competitiveness and high build quality.

This combination of Danish engineering quality with Asian sourcing and manufacturing cost enable us to offer our technology and know how at a competitive cost.

When engaging with customers on new projects, we work with you to analyze what solution makes the most sense for you in terms of your requirements and cost targets. In the following you can read more about our solutions and services according to the illustration at the top of the page.

Audio IC’s – products and services

ICEedge is our latest audio IC. We proudly claim it to be the most advanced class D amplifier chip set on the market. It is a scalable solution which allows you, not only to design anything from 50 W to 7 kW, but also to reach all of your performance criteria on audio quality, reliability, protection, monitoring, etc.

ICEedge is a technology platform that enables the design of the most competitive amplifiers in the market. We can approach the cost of monolithic amplifier IC’s, while providing significantly better audio performance.

Besides ICEedge, we have also designed other Audio IC solutions over the years, which are available for customers to design with.

Our experience in developing audio IC’s means that we also offer semiconductor companies the option to design new Audio IC’s together with us.

Please enquire for a meeting.

Amplifier Power Modules – plug-and-play

ICEpower has a wide variety of plug-and-play amplifier power modules incl. switch mode power supplies. Our pre-designed, high quality and cost-efficient modules range from app. 50-1200W.

Our most recent series of amplifier power modules is the AS Series (Amplifier including power Supply). The AS series of amplifier power modules include single and dual channel solutions from 100W to 1200W per channel.

When initiating the development of the AS series, we had two main goals:

  1. To make them really easy for customers to design with by implementing all necessary system features in the modules. E.g. ErP compliant standby, universal mains, regulated auxillary supplies, pre-approvals for safety and EMC, etc.
  2. To deliver industry best price value by offering the best audio performance, continuous power and features at an extremely  competitive cost.

The AS Series is thus designed to beat any product on the market based on watt and performance per US dollar.

Turnkey Solutions

ICEpower has electronic, mechanical, digital, DSP as well as software competences in-house. In addition, we work with numerous specialists and consulting houses predominantly in Denmark, Sweden and Korea. This enables us to source specialist competences and set the right team for any project.

ICEpower can provide you with finished products, either through our or your sourcing/manufacturing channels. In most cases, the specification process is carried out as a mutual process between you and us. When the specification is done, we make an analysis together with you to decide the optimal sourcing and manufacturing setup.

In recent years, ICEpower has taken a tremendous step forward in becoming competitive as a supplier of turnkey audio products.

The main reasons are:

  • The establishment of the above mentioned competences at ICEpower.
  • Our business model in which we predominantly rely on technical platforms and products in which the investment is already amortised.
  • Our set up with an EMS partner in Thailand that:
    – matches the typical volume levels in the audio industry
    – matches the flexibility needed and high-product quality of ICEpower
    – has a strong focus on the lowest possible manufacturing costs in Asia

These factors enable ICEpower to offer very competitive audio products on a turnkey basis.

An additional advantage is that working with ICEpower, you will be dealing directly with our experienced team of engineers and project managers. We will be your one point of contact as we will take care of the manufacturing set up for you. This means that you can minimize your travel, and instead will be able to concentrate on more value adding tasks such as introducing more new products per year.

Please enquire for a meeting.

Turnkey Solutions continued

– Speaker backplates and custom solutions

We offer DSP backplate solutions for speakers and subwoofers based on our market proven amplifier power modules. We also offer to customize backplates to your exact requirements incl. DSP and IP. We typically work out the specification together, and design the product according to your requirements. We analyze and listen to our customers in order to ascertain where the manufacturing makes the most sense.

We also offer development of custom module solutions. We can handle the manufacturing or you can manufacture yourself, based on a licensing agreement. ICEpower has experience with class D amplifier solutions within consumer audio, pro audio, home automation, professional audio and automotive. We have been working with a large number of the most well-known brands in the AV industry. Further, we have teams in China, Japan, Europe and the USA, enabling us to include local team members in the handling and communication of the projects that we run with you.

Please enquire for a meeting.

Audio Software

– what is ICEsound?

ICEpower is spearheading an audio revolution together with some of the world’s greatest mobile products. Our mission is to create the fullest, richest and most powerful sound experiences you will ever have from any electronic device. ICEsound – our intelligent enhancement software – improves the audio quality of a wide variety of global consumer products. From laptops and ultrabooks to smart phones, tablets and headsets.

The great challenge in audio development is to make increasingly smaller and slimmer products sound big. High quality audio reproduction simply needs physical space to generate dynamic and vibrant sound. But thanks to our highly skilled engineers, ICEsound is now capable of creating amazing sound experiences. Even from small speakers in compact multimedia products.

Our ICEsound customers are some of the world finest companies within mobile devices. Our embedded audio products and services are available either directly from ICEpower or through our partner, HARMAN, AudioEFX. Please see:

Audio speaks louder than words, and we welcome you to experience our world of sound. Check ICEsound out now on – here you can listen to samples and demoes, and learn what it’s all about.

Please inquire for a meeting.


– Leader of the pack

Since 2012, ICEpower has worked on becoming not only best-in-class concerning audio performance and product quality, but also to be leading when it comes to cost – the price of our product/the price of your product.

ICEpower has decided to offer competitive pricing. We always present a price offer better than the competition or at the same level as the competition. There are two ways to do this. We have reached the first by a dynamic and well managed product innovation including best practices in product development and design for cost. Secondly, we have decided to always offer our products and services at prices better than others.

Since 2012, we have also been doing tremendous changes in innovation, processes and tools. The result is, that we have a new product program at a much higher level in terms of performance and features than previous, and at price much lower. ICEpower is price competitive in the market. Try us.

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