Our most powerful amplifier module to date.  Introducing the 2000AS HV

ICEpower’s new audio amplifier power module is designed for live sound and concerts


ICEpower’s new amplifier power module designed for live sound and concerts

ICEpower A/S Copenhagen, Denmark. At ICEpower we believe in the power of music. We love live music and we spend a lot of time at concerts. We have long felt a desire to improve the status quo in live music and take it to the next level.

As transducer technology evolves, new speakers are capable of increasingly higher power handling. Increasing the power to the speaker enables higher SPL output and extended low frequency bass output in cabinets that are lighter and more compact than ever before.

Developments in compression driver technology has seen sensitivity increase. Highly efficient and sensitive compression drivers mean that everything going into the compression driver is heard. This requires ultra low noise power amplifiers to achieve optimum sound quality without audible speaker “hiss”.

These developments in speaker technology require amplifiers not only with higher voltage and power, but also lower noise and distortion. When developing our new solutions for live sound, we therefore set out to create the most powerful amplifier to date, while at the same time minimizing noise and distortion.

As a part of strengthening our high-power portfolio, we are extremely proud to announce our new 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV (High Voltage) – It’s the latest and most powerful member of ICEpower’s AS series and it is now in stock and ready for orders.

Audio Features and performance

 “The 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV take the high-performance and efficient single-stage PFC converter of the outstanding 1200AS1 and cranks it up to 11“, says Mads Emil Solgaard, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Using enhanced power devices and an updated transformer the 2000AS HV modules put out 2kW per amplifier channel, with 149v of available voltage swing. The 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV are perfect for applications that require large voltage swings and high peak power. A perfect building block for today’s high-performance line arrays, subwoofers, and more.

The 2000AS HV amplifier power modules combine an amplifier based on ICEpower’s revolutionary Class D ICEedge technology, with a universal mains switch mode power supply with PFC. This includes ErP and Energy Star compliant standby functionality, regulated auxiliary power supplies, wake on signal sense and a DC-bus output.

The 2000AS HV exists in two versions: The 2000AS1 HV with a single channel amplifier and the 2000AS2 HV with a dual channel amplifier, both channels capable of 2000W into 4Ω and 1400W into 8Ω. The use of a regulated power supply topology ensures consistent power performance globally across both low and high mains.

A rock-solid line-up

The 2000AS HV is part of ICEpower’s AS series of power solutions and shares the same electrical interface as the rest of the series. This makes it easy to create complete families of products, using the same pre-amplifier or DSP circuit, while scaling the power simply by changing the ICEpower power module.

Building on the pro audio legacies of our 700AS and 1200AS modules, today we are proud to announce the latest tool in our pro audio tool chest, our new 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV modules, the perfect power solution to control your live sound experience. When ICEpower introduced the 1200AS modules, we managed to increase power, while maintaining best-in-class noise performance to create not just our most powerful amp at the time, but our best sounding! This made the 1200AS great for all sorts of applications, from home HiFi, commercial amps to powered speakers. But what if we were to concentrate on the ultimate solution for self-powered line arrays?

This is where the new 2000AS1 HV and 2000AS2 HV come in. “We realized that the tried and tested 1200AS design had the potential to support an even higher output voltage with a few key upgrades. To increase output power and voltage, the transformers, output devices and output filters had to be upgraded. Furthermore, we have paid special attention to the amplifier design to keep noise and distortion performance in check. With speakers often hung in hard-to-access places and sometimes in direct sunlight, reliability and thermal dissipation is also extremely important. The main power transformer has therefore been upgraded and optimized for efficiency. We have also spent significant efforts on the protection system built in to the module as well as and testing and verifying reliability thoroughly before putting these new modules into the market.” Says Mads Emil Solgaard

The world of live sound requires more than just pure power though, it requires finesse! The 2000AS HV series of modules provides plenty of both. While a high frequency driver isn’t likely to ever output 2kW, it will gladly take advantage of the associated 149 volts of voltage swing in order to maintain diaphragm control, which is key to getting high performance out of modern drivers. The processing power available for modern live sound installation is amazing, which means modern pro sound processing is often outputting signals with signal- to-noise ratios as good or better than the best home hi-fi systems. So, providing all that voltage swing with a very low noise floor makes sure that the only thing being amplified is what the musicians intended, nothing more!

While we have tailored the 2000AS HV to make it the perfect active speaker power solution for live sound, those same traits have plenty of other uses. High-end home subwoofers will surely benefit from the additional output power. The 2000AS HV is also great for commercial audio applications that require 70v or 100V constant voltage lines. It’s also understandable that some live sound engineers prefer using their favorite passive speakers with rack amps. A couple of 2000AS2 HV modules inside a rack amp is a great solution there as well.

Of course, power is still appreciated and useful. Being able to deliver these high peaks means those kick drum hits will have the oomph needed to keep hearts pounding in the heat of the performance and to feel the jet flying over you in the movie you’re watching. As the most powerful ICEpower amplifier yet, the 2000AS HV delivers it all.

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