ICEpower is merging with Audio Bricks and acquiring Bolecano

ICEpower’s new audio amplifier power module is designed for live sound and concerts


The 2 Founders of Audio Bricks, and prior Founders of respectively Anaview AB, Patrik Boström and Upcon Technology A/S, Lars Press Petersen will continue their carriers as Chief Technology Officers of ICEpower.

From September 1st, 2016 Patrik Boström holds the position as CTO, Amplification, and Lars Press Petersen holds the position as CTO, Research and SMPS in ICEpower.

On May 1st, 2016 Keld Lindegaard Andersen, CEO and Mads Emil Solgaard, VP, Sales & Marketing together with the private equity fund, Industry Development acquired ICEpower A/S from Bang & Olufsen A/S.
Patrik Boström and Lars Press Petersen have now become partners and shareholders of ICEpower in line with Keld, Mads Emil and Industry Development.

The reason for this merger is that Lars, Patrik, Mads Emil and Keld wish to ascertain that we are the best independent Class D sound house in the world for our customers. We see the merger as a step towards consolidating this position.
All activities in ICEpower and in the Bolecano company and under the Audio Bricks brand will continue as business as usual.This is the best possible news for anybody working together with either ICEpower, Bolecano or the new brand Audio Bricks.
There is only one difference: Together we are so much stronger. ICEpower has some of the best class d and audio acoustic engineers in the world. Adding the expertise of Lars and Patrik, their knowledge and technologies to ICEpower makes our combined team stand out.

This idea is not new. ICEpower and Anaview were founded at the beginning of this century. Patrik founded Anaview in 2001 in Sweden only two years after ICEpower was founded in Denmark.
We share the same ideas on development of quality sound by technology and combining technologies to reach our goals. Already in the early zeroes we worked together, became friends and discussed how we could join forces. The timing is right for all of us now.
Lars is also an old friend of the house. Lars held the position as Innovation Manager in ICEpower from 2003 to 2007. Welcome home to Lars and Patrik.

“While this merger is an old idea we have several new ideas on how we are going to keep inventing, on how to grow the company and how we are going to co-operate with numerous companies in the industry” CEO Keld Lindegaard Andersen, ICEpower.

Lars and Patrik are in a certain league within Class D power electronics. Lars holds a Ph. D in Power Electronics and founded his own company, Upcon Technology specialising in switch mode power supplies in 2008 until he started Audio Bricks with Patrik just 2 years ago. Lars is an innovator and power supply specialist. Patrik, BSc, Electrical Engineering is born into™ audio. Patrik has developed amplifiers and power supplies for OEM automotive, after market automotive, high end, consumer, home theatre, sound reinforcement, rolling stock etc.Together Lars and Patrik have invented an impressive number of important patents within Class D power electronics and audio.

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