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ICEpower’s new audio amplifier power module is designed for live sound and concerts


ICEpower, the Danish innovation-based sound house, releases new main website with webshop and client portal. 

Søborg, Denmark, 1st October 2017: Since the buy-out from famous hi-fi electronic-brand, Bang & Olufsen, ICEpower has been on a journey towards independency and brand singularity. With the release of the new main website, ICEpower has taken a huge step in that direction. The site also contains a webshop where clients easily can purchase products and samples using different credit card solutions. 

As a high-tech B2B company providing advanced electronic components to the music industry among others, ICEpower has had several overall goals with the new website. Besides creating a new visual identity, which blends the music world and ICEpower’s tech approach, it has been of paramount concern to make information access easy for customers and customer’s customers. 

Head of Sales & Marketing at ICEpower, Mads Emil Solgaard, explains: “One of the main goals of our new website is to support our customer’s B2C marketing towards end users. Today the world of B2B and B2C marketing is merging and the lines are becoming blurred. Consumers and end users research online to a higher degree to learn about products they contemplate buying. As a pure B2B brand, we therefore have a wish to create an exciting and engaging story around our technology that is relevant to our customers and supports them in their marketing towards end users.” 

The new ICEpower website can be visited at If you want more information about ICEpower, please contact Head of Sales & Marketing, Mads Emil Solgaard at

ICEpower is a fast growing, innovation-based sound house specializing in audio power conversion solutions. With market leading clients in Europe, Asia and North America, ICEpower’s brand promise is to deliver the industry’s best audio performance. 

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