Christmas Party

🎄✨ Join us for ICEpower’s Annual Christmas Party, where joy knows no bounds and festive cheer fills the air! Indulge in a feast of delectable delights, savoring every moment of culinary bliss. Laughter will echo as we dive into an evening of boundless fun, creating memories that will warm our hearts in the chilly winter night.

Together, let’s celebrate the essence of the season, embracing the spirit of togetherness, friendship, and gratitude. Come, be part of an unforgettable night where good food, laughter, and the magic of Christmas intertwine, making every moment count. Let the festivities begin! 🎉🍽️🎅

The date is December 15, 2023 and we start at 15.00

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The Event

The date is December 15, 2023 and we start at 15.00

The holiday season is soon to be upon us, which means lots of festivities, hygge, and, of course ICEpower’s annual Christmas Party!


The plan for the evening is as follows:

15:00-16:00: Pre-drinks at ICEpower

16:00-17:00: Party buses from ICEpower to Pladeværkstedet

17:00-20:00: Dinner by Pladeværkstedet

For those who don’t want to participate in the party buses, the address is: Refshalevej 167g, 1432 København.

The food menu is as follows:

  • Barrel-aged pickled herring with cloves and capers
  • Curried herring with soft-boiled eggs, red onions, and dill
  • Warm-smoked salmon mousse with crème fraiche and herbs
  • Warm homemade calf liver pâté with sautéed mushrooms
  • Crispy fried French duck leg
  • Grambogaard roast pork with crispy crackling served with spiced red cabbage and vanilla-pickled apples and prunes
  • Rice pudding with cherry sauce

(The menu includes homemade rye bread, sourdough bread, butter, and seasoned fat)

The snack and drinks menu: 

  • Filter coffee and chocolates from the buffet
  • Open bar all evening, including beer, wine, and water

  • From 21:00 onwards; free Gin & Tonics with ice and lemon

20:00 – 01:00: Music and Dance! 😀

Sign up by scanning the QR code or by clicking this link:

We want to mention that signing up is binding, and having the “save the date” in your Outlook calendar does not mean you have signed up. You will need to do that yourself:)

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The date is December 15, 2023 and we start at 15.00